Heritage Alliance Mission

Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance is dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Downers Grove. In the past, we have maintained sharp focus on the natural heritage within our community. Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance has been instrumental in the preservation and protection of Lyman Woods, and Belmont Prairie, which continue as on-going projects.

We are now also committed to the preservation of  cultural aspects of Downers Grove, including its rich architectural heritage. We work to accomplish our mission through education as well as community outreach.

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Historic Preservation Activities

The Village's historic preservation program was revised in 2016, contributing to an increased interest in landmarking homes and other historic structures. 

The Village Council unanimously approved lan4437 Seeley Avenue Pierce Downer Housedmark status for The Pierce Downer House on February 14th. Please click here to read the information provided by the current owners, Arthur and Judith Frigo, about the historic significance of their home, which dates from the 1840's.

On November 15, 2016, the Village Council granted landmark status to two other historic homes. 
J. J. Cole House
James and Maren Huber landmarked The J. J. Cole House, 710 Maple Avenue and  John and Patricia Orwin landmarked The Venard House, 4540 Highland Avenue, exemplifying the American Foursquare style.
4540 Highland Avenue Venard House

Local architects Amy and
Dave Gassen discussed The History & Significance of the American Foursquare on September 26th.   Now you can read Amy and Dave's article about our local American Foursquare homes on  page 2 of PDHA's 2016 Fall Newsletter.
Foote House
On August 16th the Village Council unanimously approved landmark status for two historic homes. Fred and Cindy Zaeske have named their landmarked home at 1130 Franklin SKruger Housetreet, The House, while Chris and Patricia Patterson named their landmarked home at 4502 Prince Street, The Kruger HouseHerring House. 

On June 14th
the Village
Council unanimously approved landmark status for three hiFoster Housestoric buildings. Bo and Christine Martin have named their newly land- marked home at 701 Maple Avenue, The Herring House while Charlotte and Byron Holtzen named their landmarked home at 5226 Carpenter Street, The Foster House.

"The Village takes seriously its commitment to historic preservation," Main Street Station Mayor Martin Tully stated before the unanimous vote granting landmark status to the Village owned Main Street Train Station,  5001 Main Street.

A resolutGjerde Houseion granting historic landmark status for The Gjerde House, home of Irene Hogstrom and Mark Bragen, at 1232 Gilbert Avenue was unanimously approved by the Village Council on May 17th.
On February 17th, the ADRB had recommended landmark status for the 92-year-old Ehr House, home of Amy and David Gassen.  The Village Council considered Gassens' petition for landmark status on March 8th. You can click here to watch the discussion of this item, which started at 29 minutes into the meeting and continued for 24 minutes.  The resolution granting historic landmark status for the GasEhr Housesen's home at 5320 Benton Avenue was unanimously approved at the Council's March 22nd meeting.  The house is a prime example of the American Foursquare design, which style is well represented in Downers Grove.  More photos of the Gassen's home can be found here.
Several years earlier, in April 2009, Lea C. Wayne had successfully
Bunge Houseachieved landmark status for his home, The Bunge House, at 4943 Highland AvenueThe DrewDrew Home family home at 5226 Carpenter Street became the first building in Downers Grove to be granted landmark status In October 2008 at the request of Mildred Drew .

Please click here for background information about updating Downers Grove's Historic Preservation and Zoning Ordinances.

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 Chicagoland’s Urban Coyotes

PDHA's 2016 Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 13th featured a free public presentation on Chicagoland’s Urban Coyotes. Ms. Ashley Wurth described her research findings. 

Ashley Wurth graduated from Colorado State University in 2013. She is now working on her PhD through The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural Resources Department. Ashley currently works with the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation on the Cook County Coyote Project.  The focus of her research involves  the connections between coyote behavior, genetics, and ecology.  She told us about the coyote project, her findings and how to live with the coyotes in our midst.

Click Here to See Slides from Ashley
Wurth's Talk about Urban Coyotes. 

Coyote Talk The Urban Coyote Project has followed more than 900 coyotes in the Chicago area over the past 15 years. The project team has used GPS collars and “crittercams” to study coyote behavior including their movements and the size of their ranges. They have found, among other things, that urban coyotes are more nocturnal than their wild-land counterparts. The coyotes have learned to negotiate the hazards of roads and railroads, generally avoiding injury and seldom being seen. Dens have been found in golf courses, parks and cemeteries. The Chicago area coyote population is estimated at 2,000 or more.

An overview of the project along with many accounts of particular coyotes that were tracked can be found at the project website, UrbanCoyoteResearch.com

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Can you find this house in Downers Grove and why is it important?
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Click here to see
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from our
2016 Annual Meeting.

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Click here to see Michael Lambert's slides on Historic Preservation in Geneva, IL
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Click here to learn about beekeeping in Lyman Woods.

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The 1846 Blodgett House

An opportunity exists to restore the 1846 Blodgett House one of the Village's oldest houses reflecting our rich cultural heritage. PDHA supports such efforts to preserve valuable historic resources for future generations.

Click here to learn about the 1846 Blodgett House project.

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Click here to learn more about other local historic preservation activities in Downers Grove.


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Downers Grove Township Monthly Electronic Recycling

AVA E-Recycling is resuming an electronic recycling program in cooperation with Downers Grove Township Highway Department.

Audio or video cassettes, as well as CD’s, will no longer be accepted and all TV’s will need to have a prepaid coupon from AVA. Please click here to learn more about the new rules for recycling TV's.

The first event is scheduled for March 19th, and runs from 8 AM to 12 PM at the Highway Garage, 318 Quincy Street, Westmont IL 60559. Other events will follow on the third Saturday of each month at the same time and location, unless that date falls on a holiday weekend.
As always the events close promptly at noon and electronics can only be dropped off on event dates. Drop offs outside of designated hours are not allowed.
For further information, please call Downers Grove Township Highway Department at (630) 719-6625.