Benches in Lyman Woods to Honor
Four-Term Mayor Betty Cheever
& Former Commissioner
Wally Brown

There are currently two available locations for replacement benches to be sited in Lyman Woods.  One is near the floating dock on the south trail and the other is next to the Crossroads of Ecosystems interpretive sign near the highland meadow.  The floating dock is a key location for educational programs and seems an appropriate place to honor Wally Brown's enthusiasm for involvement of young persons with Lyman Woods and other DuPage County Forest Preserves.  The Crossroads of Ecosystems gives a good overview of the significance of this particular preserve and seems an appropriate place to honor Betty Cheever's recognition of the importance of this preserve.

The Downers Grove Park District asks for a donation of $3,000 to install the two benches and plaques honoring Betty Cheever and Wally Brown.  Several people and organizations have already expressed interest in contributing funds.  The Conservation Foundation has donated $250, while the local chapter of the League of Women Voters is looking for support from their entire membership after hearing about this project from Nancy Peraino at their board meeting in February.

Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance is bundling
tax-deductible contributions in support of this project with the funds already approved by the PDHA directors. PDHA directors have designated up to $1,250 to honor four-term Mayor of Downers Grove Betty Cheever & Wally Brown, who recently retired as a director of PDHA after serving as first Village Commissioner, next County Board Member & then Forest Preserve Commissioner.

PDHA has agreed to coordinate fund raising for this project.  This arrangement is similar to PDHA's coordination of donations in support of preserving the Edwards House.  An upfront payment to the Park District has already been made by PDHA so that the benches and plaques can be ordered now and installed promptly when conditions in the woods permit this type of work.  A long-term supporter of the organization has pledged to make up any shortfall in the approved PDHA funding and the contributions to PDHA in support of this project compared to the cost of the benches.

Tax-deductible contributions toward the costs can be made either online or, if you prefer, by check.  To make an online tax-deductible contribution in honor of Wally and Betty please use one of the following buttons

If you prefer to make your contribution by check, please specify whether you want to honor both Betty Cheever and Wally Brown or just one of them & send your tax-deductible contribution payable to "Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance" or  more simply "PDHA" to the following address:

Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance
PO Box 422
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Your donation is deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance
is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation
that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service
as a tax-exempt charitable and educational organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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